CBD Topical Roll-On and Rub

CBD Roll-On and Rub

CBD Roll-On and Rub

Recently, it seems that there are more and more new CBD products, each boasting its own unique and incredible benefits. In fact, many experts are saying that 2020 CBD sales were on track to amount to over $1.15 billion. From hard candies to infused oils, cannabinoid blend products manifests in many forms that can all help target different problems you may be experiencing in your body. However, how do you go about deciding which option is best for you? With a plethora of great products out there, is there really a right and wrong answer?

Truly, the answer depends on your preferences. Everybody is unique, and thus different products work better for different people. Because of that, AMiracle is always trying to find new products that may work better for our clients. That's why we are introducing two new CBD products.

Enter our CBD Roll On Pain Rub and CBD Cold Therapy Rub

These powerful little cannabinoid blend products carry a big punch, in the form of helping relieve pain in your body. You can learn more about our products below.

Breaking Down the CBD Roll On

As we said before, there are more new CBD products every day. We believe that we have found an impressive new version of the product that isn't widely sold but can truly help and make a difference in our customers' lives. This roll on rub contains 2,000mg of hemp extract and targets your tired joints, muscles, and limbs. This cannabinoid blend uses only premium quality extract and is 100% organic, as well as made and sourced in the U.S. This product also boasts being vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. And, don't worry, it contains no trace of THC, meaning it's safe to travel with you wherever you go!

Simply use the easy application stick and roll it onto your problem areas, and wait as it works its magic. This product can be used to help alleviate any aching your muscles may be experiencing, from working out to simply getting older or any other reason you may have!

What Is the CBD Cold Therapy Rub?

The other new product that we are really excited to share is the cannabinoid blend CBD Cold Therapy Rub. This rub, like the roll on, helps with achy muscles, joints, and limbs, to get you the relief you need. Containing a 1,500mg hemp extract cannabinoid blend, this product also carries a unique feature with it. As the name suggests, this product also features a cooling agent, mixing together the relief CBD provides with a cold sensation for focused relief.

We are also proud to share that this product is made with premium cannabinoid extract, is 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and made in America! And yes, this product also contains no THC! Bring the CBD Cold Therapy rub wherever you need it to target your pain instantly!

Are you ready to get started?

Shop now for these products on our site, or contact us today to learn more! We hope you'll try our new CBD Roll On Rub or CBD Cold Therapy Rub!

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